Our Edna Valley Vineyard

Beautifully located on the slopes of Edna Valley, Chêne is ideally situated to enhance the long growing season and cooling, crisp, nighttime fogs that are world renowned for slow and complex ripening of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Uniquely integrating knowledge of Old World viticulture practices from European roots with a deep understanding of local ecology, our focus is on producing exceptional fruit quality with minimal intervention. We know each clone, each block, each vine intimately, and meticulously hand hoe the rows, plant natural cover crops and apply compost teas to promote growth, rather than using chemical fertilizers. Our small size allows us to harvest at the precise moment to optimize balance and minimize damage to delicate skins, which are essential to complex taste. Hand harvesting and sorting as well as punching down the fruit by hand, maintains our commitment to produce the finest wines possible. Natural yeast fermentation in select French oak barrels allows our wines to develop quietly in their own time. Chêne, French for oak, was chosen to symbolize our steadfast dedication to excellence.


Our wines are produced in very limited quantities

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