Chêne wines possess elegance and finesse, with a complexity that denotes exceptional fruit quality. Minimal, but meticulous intervention in the vineyard is mirrored in the winery. Our hand harvested fruit is carefully sorted and punched down by hand during fermentation which maintains our commitment to using only the most exceptional fruit and process it with integrity. Natural yeast fermentation in select French oak barrels allows our wines to develop quietly in their own time. Hand dipping with premium wax seals and premium, heavy glass bottles provide perfect closure for optimal rest and cellaring. Our exclusive focus on fruit quality is reflected in low yields, which limits production to a few hundred cases per year.

2013 Estate Chardonnay

Sold Out

2014 Estate Chardonnay

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2015 Estate Chardonnay


2015 Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir


2013 Estate Pinot Noir


2014 Estate Pinot Noir


2014 Chéne Petite Estate Pinot Noir


Our wines are produced in very limited quantities

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